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Gone Fishing® Polarized Lens Color Options - Light Transmission Information :


A great choice for everyday use. Perfect for sports on land or water.
Grey w/ Platinum Flash
Perfect for freshwater fishing and outdoor activities in variable light conditions.
Grey w/ Sapphire Blue Mirror
Excellent for activities on open water. Ideal in bright conditions.
High contrast; superior for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities.
Brown w/ Gold Mirror
Great color contrast in high glare situations. Perfect for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities.
Brown w/ Platinum Flash
Great color contrast in high glare situations. Perfect for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities.
Brown w/ Sapphire Blue Mirror
Great for fishing on open water. Exceptional color contrast.
Brown w/ Emerald Green Mirror
Optimal for river, stream and inshore fishing. Amplifies color contrast and delivers high visual definition.


WARNING: DO NOT allow gasoline, fuel (has corrosive additives), sunscreen, bug spray, alcohol, Windex or any cleaner that contains ammonia to come in contact with your sunglasses. These chemicals are damaging to the lenses and frames. Use of these or other corrosive products can damage your sunglasses and may void the warranty.
Over exposure to salt from sweat or salt water can also damage your sunglasses and will void the warranty. Salt is corrosive and can cause delamination, flaking, distortion and other types of damage to the Gone Fishing sunglass lens and frame. If your sunglasses are exposed to sweat or salt water you must rinse them in fresh water to prevent prolonged exposure to salt.
Always clean your sunglass frame and lenses with fresh water and a microfiber cloth.

Diamond Hard™ Polarized


Gone Fishing® Diamond Hard™ polarized sunglasses are a fishermen's best friend. On the water there is a heightened level of reflected glare. Diamond Hard polarized lenses guard your eyes by diminishing the glare. Here are several advantages of wearing Diamond Hard polarized lenses:


  • • Increase in visual comfort. Your eyes won't be constantly challenged by glare, which makes it easier to view objects in bright conditions.
  • • Enhancement of clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects as well as seeing into water.
  • • Reduction of eyestrain. Constant adjustments to the glare from reflections can be taxing on the eyes which can lead to eye fatigue.
  • • Consistent conveyance of colors.
  • • Diminished reflections and glare.

Floating air-frames


Gone Fishing’s Floating Air-Frame™ adds High Tech construction without compromising the style or fit. Gone Fishing’s Floating Air-Frame™ is an injected hollow-frame technology that enables the Air-Frame™ to float like no other sunglass. Now you will be able to retrieve your shades even in the deepest of waters.


For serious wind protection use Gone Fishing’s Wind Protection Gasket™ frames. They can provide you with maximum performance in any high wind condition. Wind Protection Gasket™ frames shield your eyes from water spray, dust, debris and any airborne particles. Wind Protection Gasket™ frames create a comfortable, snug seal between your face and the frame. For more casual wear simply remove the Wind Protection Gaskets™ from the frame.